Are you seeing a reduction in partner labor rates?

TraeShattuck Founding Member | Scholar ✭✭

An effect of the pandemic has been an increase in the unemployment rate. With the labor market not as constrained as it was a year ago, have you seen as an outcome a willingness of third parties to reduce their labor rates.

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  • StevenForth
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    I heard on the radio this morning that many people are considering changing jobs. Apparently working at home gives one more time to focus on the work part of work rather than the social aspects and to ask is this what I really want to spend my time doing. I have not tracked this down or validated it, but it is an interesting thought. it led me to ask 'How can I make the work part of work more engaging and rewarding for my team?' It also got me thinking, 'Is using my system part of the work that my customer's employees enjoy?'