How have your customers' expectations changed in the COVID-19 environment?

Brian Rudy
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What are your customers asking you to do differently?

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  • DarrylBenjamin
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    As we continue to move through the COVID-19 Pandemic, customers are making greater demands on employee (customer and support teams) protection. Two examples that come to mind recently:

    1) Field Engineers are required to join a Zoom session with a customer medical professional to show employee ID and take their temperature during the Zoom session. Upon successful completion of the temperature check, the medical professional will authorize security to allow the Field Engineer on site.

    2) Customers with multiple locations in close proximity are requesting Field Engineers to quarantine for 14 days when visiting different customer sites. If you visit site A, you cannot visit sites B and C for 14 days.

    Im sure you can appreciate the resource demand and managment of these resources to a accomplish these new requirements.

    I do appreciate the cautious approach for our employees and the customer site/employees, just concerned where this could lead in the coming months.