Instructor Enablement

Jacqueline Sell
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I'd love to talk with someone about how you're utilizing instructors during any down time and keeping them focused on the virtual customer experience.


  • Alexander Ziegler
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    edited June 2020

    My view from a very special point of experience: In the model we're using the majority of the instructors are subcontractors and/or freelancers. We're achieving instructor satisfaction ratings constantly above 95% and very high NPS. Instructor quality is an interesting number as when we moved to this model, our own instructors were already performing really high on the satisfaction rating, but after some years there is even a constant small improvement that we would have never expected. So, we're on one hand not having the needs around utilization. But: even with this model we're seeing a very good community between us and the partners and instructors, and we moved some projects around development from low priority to high priority using those instructors. The projects are not yet finished, but we hope this could be a win-win involving the instructors: as they're low on utilization we can get better rates, but also for the instructors this has a benefit: instead of being on the road 6 days and only being paid 4 days they can work 5 days (or 6/7 if they wish) on a lower rate with a bigger commitment. I do not yet have results but assume end of Q3 / early Q4 we should see some outcome. And commenting on your questions around virtual teaching: Our partners did start virtual teaching years ago, so there is nothing special to change from our view. Therefore the focus on development.

  • StevenForth
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    I wonder if some of the instructors can be repositioned as coaches? I think there is a growing role for customer coaches over instructors in customer success. The other place where there may be transferable skills is community moderator. I don't actually like the term moderator. Gardener is a better description of this role. For many companies active engagement with customer communities wherever they may live is a critical part of customer success. There are things to learn here from the TSIA.

  • Jacqueline Sell
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    Great thought, thank you! I didn't think of using their true skillset which is to be in front of customers. If it can't be teaching, engaging in an online forum and answering questions is a great idea.

  • Bill Hor
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    Hi - We have moved to 100% VILT and been able to keep the instructor utilization fairly high. For non platform time we have asked them to: Record sessions that are then placed in our Subscription offerings, obtain needed certifications and assist in key development work. We are also asking them to support our "Office Hours" program, where customers can come to ask questions on the courses they maybe taking through self study.