What new ways have you found to maintain and grow customer engagement since COVID?

Christopher Vasquez
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For example, turning physical offerings into digital ones, increasing touch-points, etc.

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  • Jack Johnson
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    There is a principle we use a lot at TSIA. Helping will Sell, Selling will not help.

    There is no doubt that having an engagement strategy is important in todays business environment, particularly in the XaaS world. Our data shows that there is a strong correlation between constant contact and retention rates. Having said that, there are nuances to being effective. Not everyone wants to be touched constantly. A customer in a crises needs time to deal with the issues on the ground.

    Alexander indicated a need to respond to the Virtual and the Digitization conversations. We see a significant up-tic in these topics and in inquiries associated with the topic of moving from On-premise solutions to Cloud / SaaS solutions. Your customers are needing to address this dynamic just as you are, and helping your customers understand how you can help them on this journey with your products and services is a productive "touch" or contact strategy. 1) it maintains relationship. 2) it provides solutions THEY care about and will ultimately help you grow your business with them.

    We recommend that you think customer, understand the big weather patterns at play, and craft your engagement strategy in discreet "plays" that help each segment address their specific business problems. Covid has winners and losers today and each market needs something different. It's not just about call volumes or email volumes, but about the context of the communication engaged.

    You may find this blog interesting as well. https://www.tsia.com/blog/the-impact-of-a-customer-contact-strategy-on-churn-rates