Who are some of the most customer-centric B2B companies?

Nick Woerner
Nick Woerner Member
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I would love to get impressions, opinions, and thoughts on who the most customer-centric B2B companies are. We are launching a CX Initiative ourselves, and we'd love to chat with other companies about ways they have made CX part of their DNA. Any examples or people willing to chat would be greatly appreciated!


  • John Ragsdale
    John Ragsdale Member | Guru ✭✭✭✭✭

    Hi Nick; Just about every tech company says they are "organized around the customer," but my experience is that is not always the case. There some great examples out there and I hope folks chime in with what they are doing. One I like is Progress Software, who actually sends someone to customer sites for a few weeks at a time, to really "imbed" into the company to see how they are using the software, what they think of it, usability or feature issues that arise during use, etc. I know most companies don't have budget for this--and obviously onsite isn't happening at the moment--but I love the idea of really understanding how people are using the technology and getting input from the end users--not the contract holder--on how products could improve. I'd like to think Customer Success organizations are doing this, but I am not seeing a flow of information from front line users, usually more with the sys admins or execs.