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Greg Higgins
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Hi all!

Our reps mark a ticket as resolved in ZenDesk aligned with the following definition: “Resolution” consists of providing, as appropriate, one of the following to Client: an existing correction; a new correction; or a viable detour or work around.

HOWEVER, I'm currently reading @John Ragsdale's book Lessons Unlearned (and loving it!) and he mentioned, in a situation where the fix is beyond Support's control, his preference for marking an incident as resolved when the bug fix ticket is filed by the team (Resolution categorization: Future Fix). His strategy is explained as ensuring a clear distinction between Support's wholly-owned resolution time and when the resolution is out of their control. We do this when the future fix is going to be a ways out but if the fix is near-term or a P1/P2 issue, then we stay with it until Eng comes back with the fix.

Questions for the group:

  1. Do you mark incidents as resolved upon the filing of the bug fix internally? If so, how is the communication handled back to the client when the bug is actually fixed later on?
  2. If you mark incidents as resolved like we do (definition above), how do you separate resolution time within Support's control vs. when it escalates outside of the team?
  3. Would you recommend we move to the Future Fix methodology?

Thanks, all!


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  • Greg Higgins
    Greg Higgins Member | Enthusiast ✭

    Wow, you're literally blowing my mind 🤯 "Bug/Defect KB article and then subscribe all affected Customers to the corresponding bug/defect KB article." This is all incredible stuff but I feel like that KB article with the subscription would be a game-changer for us. I want to be in a position to keep everyone affected by a defect updated in alignment with our industry standard case escalation matrix. I'll think through how we would operationally approach this -- but thank you so much!

    I'd love to hear how anyone else is defining that metric.

  • Jaime Farinos
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    I've tracked resolution times: overall / solved only by Support / solved with the help of Engineering. I would check both the time spent on the customer side as well as the time spent on Support/Engineering side. Some platforms allow you to do reporting based on that.