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With current situation with Covid-19, the delivery of proctored certification exams to customers or Partners is a real challenge: safety measures, travel restrictions, all trainings delivered via virtual sessions.

Proctored certification ensures that we check the identity of the candidate, no cheating and no divulgation of exercises for certification requiring high expertise. In addition, proctored exam allows to be sure of the level of expertise acquired by the candidate.

Are you delivering proctored certifications in virtual mode? If yes, did you implement a specific process to address the points above?

Or may be, you implement an alternative solution or more drastically you stop the delivery of such exams?

Thank you in advance for the feedbacks and experience sharing on this topic.

Keep safe!


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  • Scott Thomas
    Scott Thomas Founding Member | Scholar ✭✭
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    Hi Thierry,

    I've been involved in delivering virtual proctored exams for 10+ years. It's been fairly simple for us because we have relied on our vendors, who all have this capability, to do it on our behalf. It's pretty straight forward, the test taker has to have a functioning webcam, the join a session remotely, an online proctor goes through some security checks (ID check, etc.) at the beginning, and then the person takes the exam while being monitored. I have never seen any data that suggests that online vs. in-person has any major advantages and/or disadvantages either way. Personally giving folks the benefit of on-line is a nice benefit for your audience.

    Recently I have been impressed in some of the AI related technologies around online exam proctoring. If you Google "AI Test Monitoring" you will see a whole new group of companies and technologies that are advancing in this field. It may be worth checking out.

    Good luck!


  • Alexander Ziegler
    Alexander Ziegler Founding Member | Expert ✭✭✭
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    Hi Thierry, I confirm the experience from Scott. We started this solution when it became available, using our vendors who have the remote proctering implemented. It works perfectly well. If you think of the increasing importance of MOOC providers to acquire skills, the remote proctering is important and working perfectly well. The MOOC providers we're using are together covering more than 180 countries for us, of course remote proctering is key for this.