How can a Quality Specialist perform QAs when they are not an expert on the work?

Looking to see how other professional groups handle the following:

 'How can a Quality Specialist perform QAs when they are not an expert on the work? For example ... how can I confirm that the agent resolved the issue correctly if I have never done that type of work?'


  • Alexander Ziegler
    Alexander Ziegler Founding Member | Expert ✭✭✭

    From my experience in seervices and education understanding your question correctly there is a separation needed into two parts of the Quality Assurance:

    1) QA for following the process/guidelines/approach: This can be done by somebody who is not the subject matter expert. Let me make an example to explain: we recently published rules how course materials need to get structured and developped, e.g. there must be a content description for each chapter, the expectation of what to be learned etc, resulting in a checklist for course materials. We could proof that course materials not following the guidelines are having in average lower evaluations of our clients. The QualitySpecialists executing the verification are not expects in the course content - but they can judge+document the quality of the course.

    2) QA for correct execution/content: Up to my experience if you want to go beyond what I sescribed in 1) then the best way are raondom audits. Besides the QA described in 1) we're running in very critical areas audits with experts - this means someody who knows all the details is doing random audits of the work. This means going back to your question: in this part of the QA you need a deep expert.

    Both 1) + 2) together are a successful approach.