Adding a platinum level support tier. What do you include in yours?


We provide support for an on-premise software platform that is used by a variety of sectors and our customer range in size from SMB's to Tier 1 organizations.

We currently have a standard and premium offer with the primary difference being 24x7x365 availability for premium customers.

I'm revamping the existing two levels and adding a third tier that I anticipate being used by the institutions whose businesses use our product in mission critical functions. I want to add services to the third tier that could include a named support engineer, upgrade support etc etc.

I'd love to hear what's included in your support levels and the distribution of levels by your base. Ours hovers around 60% standard, 40% premium. I'm not sure what to expect for the new tier.

Thank you for your help and I'm happy to share what I end up with if anyone is interested.

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  • SumitBhat
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    @Claire Hernandez we provide the following with our platinum services

    • Customer Dedicated Support Representative
    • Better Response and Synopsis Time ( This is a differentiator from our standard offering and SLA's are twice as fast as compared to our standard)
    • Unlimited Free Online Training Courses ( This is also only available in our platinum offerings )
    • Live Remote Assistance ad hoc
    • Controlled Release Access ( Customers get access to Beta and early releases as well)

    In addition to this one of the value proposition to make your platinum offering more attractive is to build in proactive insights such as trend analysis based on the problems/incidents reported and also offer preventive health checks based on these regular touchpoint calls with the dedicated support rep. to make customer successful.

    Hope this helps.