Remote Worker Expenses

DarrylBenjamin Founding Member | Scholar ✭✭

The Covid-19 Pandemic continues to impact the world and more companies are permitting employees to work from home. I am curious what "work from home" expenses is your company willing to reimburse employees?(ex. Technology, Office Furniture, etc...) Offices are permanently closing, employees are being given a "remote worker" status and this will save companies millions in real estate costs. What is being offered to employees who are now permanently working from home? Appreciate what can be shared.


  • StevenForth
    StevenForth Founding Partner | Expert ✭✭✭

    It is a great question, and one we are struggling with. We plan to begin with two things:

    1. Invest to make sure people have a well lit, ergonomic workspace.
    2. Invest in mental health benefits.

    One thing we are struggling with, should people be paid to compensate them for the use of their homes as office space? We are not sure how we would do this in an equitable way, possible just take the money we are saving by downsizing space and allocate part of it evenly across all people.

    We are also looking to up our spending on learning and development.