"Service Catalogue" - is there a better name for our catalogue of packaged service offers?

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For years we have been listing our packaged service offers in a catalogue that we call our "Service Catalogue". (This is internal for now but will eventually be customer facing.) We are now questioning whether this is the right name for it, primarily because the term Service Catalogue has a different connotation within ITIL. What are other service providers calling their catalogue of offers, those who have one? Is there a better or more broadly used term for this type of catalogue?

(I'd prefer not to use Service Portfolio because, due to the breadth of the services we offer, I would like to categorize our packaged services into a variety of portfolio's e.g. Azure Services).


  • StevenForth
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    I am sure there must be. I wonder if you can organize the offers in terms of 'value offered.' This may help with the naming. Could you do something so simple as to call them 'Solutions' and then organize them by how and who they create value for?

  • StephenSpence
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    Thanks Steven. Solutions Library with solutions organized by who they create value for is a good idea. What is the accepted term for this kind of catalogue e.g. Service Catalogue; Solutions Library? This is so customers will no question what it is.

  • StevenForth
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    I am not sure there is any one accepted term. I have seen Solutions Portfolio but I am not sure that is customer centric. As most people will be accessing this through a website (I guess) the term used has to work with how things are named in other parts of the website.

    On our site we use ...

    Problems we solve

    Who we solve them for

    How we solve them

    Schedule a Review (this is where we invite people to contact us)

    Judging from our metrics and conversion this approach seems to work.

    But it depends on the surrounding context.

  • Carlos Alves
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    By ITIL definition, a service catalog is a list of all your services, incluing their characteristics and information on how to use it.

    You may use a name internally that help people connect with the idea. It is part of your Portfolio Management process. Internally we try to separate solutions from offering elements, so we get consistency on the basic elements (LEGO pieces) and have the more appealing-to-market sales pitch of the solutions (building LEGO for customer needs).

    I really value here working with Marketing, so you get a clear "value proposition" of the offer elements, and also different documents for different people (sales people, customers, website, operations, etc.).

  • @StephenSpence we are looking at better defining the various options that we provide to clients and I'm curious if you landed on a name on this? (appreciate it is an old post)

    We have:

    Onboarding Services: pre-packaged services delivery for rapid deployments of simpler products

    Implementation Services: productized services delivery for more complex solutions.

    Professional Services: custom PS work