CSAT/Customer Satisfaction for Professional Service Engagments/Projects?

MelanieCarlson Founding Analyst | Scholar ✭✭


What questions/feedback are you requesting from Customers on close of a Professional Services engagement?

Are you just asking for Satisfaction, if they would hire the consultant, ect.


  • StevenForth
    StevenForth Founding Partner | Expert ✭✭✭

    I think there are three key types of questions ...

    1. Were the goals met (right after completion)
    2. How could communication and decision making be improved (right after completion)
    3. What have the outcomes been (at two or three intervals, the interval being determined by the type of project)

    It is important to distinguish these three things. The difference between goals and outcomes is very important. Following up on outcomes is one of the best ways to get additional projects as well.

  • GailPropson
    GailPropson Founding Partner | Scholar ✭✭

    Melanie - Great Question! I agree with the Steven's suggested three type of questions. I would suggest you not wait until the end of a professional services project to ask about satisfaction. Instead, ask about project targets, goals and Communications at the key points in the project. Doing this will allow you to keep a pulse on satisfaction throughout the project and prevent any surprises at the end.

    All the best,