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Thomas Sjostrom
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We are looking to establish an improved Knowledge Management process and capabilities for collecting market and customer information, as well as internal insights from the company’s own experiences.  

The Knowledge Management would primarily be for the purpose of Customer Success Planning, Customer Segmentation and Service Offer Modelling.  

It would imply establishing information channels, developing, and implementing models for capturing, processing, and sharing the information and knowledge for the intended purposes. 


What practices and models are used, and offered, in the market/industry today that relates to the intended business purposes explained in the background section? Who could we interact with to get more information on this topic? 

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  • EddieAguilar
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    Hi Thomas,

    This is a great question that has come up recently in some of the conversations I have been a part of. In my short time finding resources I was able to find this great blog post by Kevin from Progress Software. It does a great job of tying KM to key touch points across teams and leveraging those to capture information.

    I also enjoyed reading the yearly 2020 State of KM research paper. This one highlights a little about maturity models and variability within departments.

    Coming from a support background I have always had some good conversations about KM with support leaders. @Alexander Mundorff or @Sumit Bhat any insight on this? @Kelsey Hunsinger might be able to provide a good perspective from a CS viewpoint.

  • Thomas Sjostrom
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    Hi Eddie,

    First of all, I really appreciate the quick response and secondly, these are really good references that you provide and that we for sure will try to explore. Again, thank you very much.

    Best regards

    Thomas Sjostrom


  • EddieAguilar
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    Glad to be of some help Thomas. Ill keep track of this thread and hope that others might join in the conversation :)