Benchmark for Email Support SLAs



We are a SaaS company looking at revising our SLAs for email Support cases. Looking for insight/best practices that others employ.




  • Edly Villanueva
    Edly Villanueva Moderator | mod

    Hello Corinne,

    Thank you for reaching out to the TSIA Exchange community for insights and best practices regarding SLAs for email support cases. Let's reachout to the active SME's on the exchange for their thoughts on this topic.

    Hello @Daniel Coullet @Steve Cloughesy and @Tim Klimavicz please share your insights and the best practices your organization have implemented.

    @David Baca and @Sara Johnson from an industry perspective, what have you seen in terms of best practices?

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  • Corinne Flanagan

    @EdlyVillanueva Thank you!

  • SteveCloughesy
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    Hi Corinne,

    We deprecated email support years ago as we found it provided little value to Customers or to us. When we had it our response time was one business day. Email support either turned into a lot of back and forth trying to get the information needed to resolve the issue, or the customer went unresponsive and the issues closed weeks later with no resolution as a result.

    We have had much better luck using a directed web journey that allows us to better define the problem and surface meaningful digital content. This helps our Customers resolve a high percentage of issues without the need for human support. Once a case is created through our web portal, Customers can interact with the support engineer via email using the interface in SFDC.

    Hope this helps,