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I'm wondering if anyone can recommend a Digital Adoption Platform (or equivalent) designed specifically for onboarding customers to managed services. Most seem to be designed for onboarding users to software apps.

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  • Gavin O'Leary
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    Thanks for tagging me in. For the question that @StephenSpence has entered I have some small notes below on how we are approaching this. We do not have a separate / specific Digital Adoption Platform but have integrated the process of customer adoption for managed services into our overall adoption program. Currently we have this segmented for the @scale customers and the Top Enterprise Customers. With this we then have a number of swimlanes that we work in to ensure we are onboarding the customer, the company, the users to the product, the services and the programs.

    To cover this we ensure that as part of our process we document the Customer's business goals via a standard process, and with signed off expectations. The CS tool we use to govern and guide this is Totango. Reporting from day 1 means we can keep track of the checklist and verify we are delivering on the promise.


  • Hi Stephen,

    Thanks for reaching out to the TSIA Exchange community with your question about a recommended Digital Adoption Platform for onboarding! I'd love to hear some thoughts from some of our other Customer Success members here.

    @Kelsey Hunsinger, @Gavin O'Leary, and @Ron Ozment  would you mind sharing some of your ideas and what has worked in your organizations around this?

  • StephenSpence
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    Thanks Gavin. Totango is one of options we're looking at.

  • LisaEdmondson

    Haven't used them before, but just heard about a company that has technology specifically for this purpose: I was going to check them out myself.

  • Denise Stokowski
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    @StephenSpence Gainsight (we compete with Totango) is designed to allow you to manage the customer journey post-sale. The area both we and Gainsight support is Customer Success Management where onboarding customers is a primary use case that our application supports - orchestrating both digital and human touchpoints driven by data and workflow. Happy to talk more about how we at Gainsight can support these options - including defining and managing a joint success plan with your customers.