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Looking for input from the community on the below 2 questions:

  1. Is there a way to determine what are the right set of questions we are asking through Customer Surveys for Tech support?
  2. What should be the right tool for the surveys?


  • Edly Villanueva
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    Hello Shravan, great questions, and a top of mind topic for our members. To get the conversation let's check in with the following TSIA members for their insights to your questions:

    Hi @JosephReifel @Olivier Pierrot @PatrickMartin @ShaunAdler @LuisdelaViuda @Petra Andersson @SumitBhat your thoughts on the two questions regarding Surveys would be appreciated.

    Shravan, in the interim, here are links to two TSIA Support Services research resources to check out:

    Research report by Sara Johnson, Director, Support Services: Customer Feedback Programs and Metrics This report provides information on how to track customer satisfaction by analyzing the different types of surveys, survey questions, survey structure, and response rates for each survey type.

    Webinar presented by Dave Baca. Director Support Services Research and Vele Galovski, VP Field and Support Services Research: THE LAYERS OF CUSTOMER LOYALTY. Join TSIA’s team of support services research executives for this 45-minute webinar as they share benchmark data to provide insights on the three layers of customer loyalty and discuss best practices in customer satisfaction surveys, identification of operational key drivers, and incenting customer satisfaction. 

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  • PatrickMartin
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    Hi! Very good questions and I believe that it really starts with you asking yourself the question on what type of customer experience you want to offer your customers? Which behaviours will be required from your support agents to deliver this customer experience? Once you have identified these, you'll find it much easier to determine the questions you want as they will be tied to the desired customer experience and expected behaviours. Your survey results then become actionable as you can use them for coaching and improving areas that you score lower than others.

    An example of this is if your objective is to be extremely responsive when customers need assistance, you need to ask your customers if your level of responsiveness was satisfactory. If you want your agents to communicate clearly and detailed, have a question on this.

    I can say that we have gone through this exercise when we redesigned our survey and our questions are much more targeted towards what we want to measure for real, rather than just asking questions on NPS and overall satisfaction. Let me know if you would like to know more.

    Happy Holidays!

  • GailPropson
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    Hi @Shravan

    Great questions! To respond to our first question. "Is there a way to determine what are the right set of questions we are asking through Customer Surveys for Tech support?"

    First thing I would consider in designing a survey is "what gets measured gets done". The focus of they surey is to understand if your tech support is providing customer value. Customers are calling your team to solve a problem that is impacting their business and their customers.(value they provide to their customers) With that said here are some areas that customers value when is comes to support:

    1. response time
    2. Ease of requesting assistance
    3. Solution time - multiple calls
    4. product knowledge
    5. Technical ability
    6. communication - did you keep the customer informed of the process, did the customer have to explain there problem to multiple times
    7. Completeness of the solution

    Regarding your second question. "What should be the right tool for the surveys?"

    There multiple methodologies to consider, email/web survey, phone interviews, Hybrid of email & phone, SMS, and Interactive Voice response (IVR)

    Things to consider when choosing a survey methodology.

    1. How many customer interactions do you have in a month
    2. What customer information do you capture during the tech support

    A Survey needs to capture enough responses needed to be confident in the data to make business decisions. With email surveys response rates between 3 to 10%, Phone interview/surveys between 30 - 60%, SMS is similar to email and IVR is 3 - 5 %.

    Let's say for example you have 100 unique customer interactions a month (no duplication). An email survey will provide only 3 to 10 responses a month where a phone interview/survey would provide 30 - 60 per month.

    You also need to consider what data is available for you to contact the customer after the support. If your team in not consistently capturing email or phone numbers that will be a factor in what methodology you select.

    There are other factors to consider as well.

    Do you have duplication in the customers contacting tech support during the month? We recommend you manage survey frequency and not send a survey to the duplicate customer interactions. Yes, even if they are different issues and interactions. Customers tend to stop responding if you over survey which lowers your responses.

    Also to consider, are there other departments also sending out customer surveys? You will want to coordinate your process to avoid to many touches. Customers don't care about company silos.

    I hope this was helpful.