Does anyone have any advice on how to incentivize certification exams?


We are trying to increase our exam intake and I would be interested to know of different ways people do this.

One idea we have is to provide discounts for people who are about to take their 2nd or final exam with us, for example.

However, we are also open to any ideas/suggestions on different ways we can promote and incentivize our certification exams

Thank You!


  • Alexander Ziegler
    Alexander Ziegler Founding Member | Expert ✭✭✭

    Discounts (2nd exam 50%, 2nd exam is free) are an excellent approach, as you can contact existing users, which means you have a campaign that has a clear audience. Up to my experience, this is working quite well. Furthermore creating testimonials is a very strong and well working approach. If you have means to make sure people see them ("I took the exam and got finally a new job", "I passed the exam and did lead a project successfully", .....). The next question is: are you having resellers? Are they incented to take exams? Or required to take them? Are your exams are product focussed or more job role focusses? There are certain trends that job role focus is driving much more uptake, especially once people realize they get better jobs with the exams (back to the testimonials). Please ping me if you want to have a larger discussion