What was your criteria for selecting an Integration Platform (Boomi, Tibco, Mulesoft)?


There are plenty of iPaaS solutions in the market so I would like to know 1) how did you select your solution 2) what's your satisfaction with the solution you chose 3) Is there anything you wished you knew before selecting an iPaaS solution? 4) What's the value you see in this kind of solution?

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  • Carlos Alves
    Carlos Alves TSIA Administrator, Moderator, Founding Member | admin
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    Not only for this tool, but for others, I use a criteria sheet to be able to gather requirements from my area, and others that may use or be affected by the tool. Using MOSCoW method, to separate from must-have, nice-to-have, or not-having features to prioritize and score the decision.

    In the past we used Mulesoft and then moved into Boomi, based on features and pricing. Although, Mulesoft has evolved a lot in the last months.

    To your points: 3) API openness and continual development from the vendor. 4) using it as an integration hub allows you to integrate once different platforms via APIs (if you're a managed services provider for instance, once done, you have other customers that share same tool already integrated) and if you need to leave a tool for some reason, it is less impactful, since integrations stay at the hub level.


  • Thank your for your feedback @CarlosAlves I´ll definitely use the MOSCoW method for future decisions. Hopefully more member of TSIA reply to this question. Let´s keep the networking :)