What is the best strategy to Pilot a subscription offer if the customer base is mostly SMB?

Amit Raut
Amit Raut Member
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By way of segmentation, it is becoming clear that our customer base is mostly SMB. If there were key Enterprise customers avaiable, the pilot exercise would be focused on couple of those accounts. what is the best way to strategize a pilot using SMB customer base.


  • Carlos Alves
    Carlos Alves TSIA Administrator, Moderator, Founding Member | admin

    In the past, I worked with focus groups exercises. First we prepared a value proposition pitch and a testable MVP. With that in hand, we called some representatives from these organizations to discuss value and features. We used questionnaires, with structured, closed questions to gather answers on the hypothesis we wanted to validate, otherwise it would get too open-ended and hard to analyze.

    Always interesting to think about a "Customer Advisory Board" for getting these inputs quicker.

  • Amit Raut

    Thank you Carlos. Is there a recommended size for such a focus group to make the sample size meaningful. The complexity is also the fact that the business is via indirect channel. So the focus group will be reps from the channel. So if we open up the MVP for testing, we will have to consider many SMB customers instead of a few Enterprise customers (for the same number of end users).