Any suggestions on how best to leverage vertical expert channel partners?

Amit Raut
Amit Raut Member
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Our business mostly deals with indirect channel and includes many vertical expert channel partners. As we plan to transform the as-an-asset to as-a-service, how best to leverage the vertical expertise that is not available in our company (no option to buy the VAR/SI).


  • Neal Hatton
    Neal Hatton Member | Enthusiast ✭

    Hi Amit,

    We could probably benefit from a bit more context with your question.

    Q1. What do you need to do with the vertical expertise that you want to leverage? For example, do you need the expertise to help you sell, or to provide tech support to customers, or ... something else?

    Q2. What type of industry -- you mention going from "as-an-asset" -- are you in some kind of equipment selling business?

  • Amit Raut

    Neal, here is some context

    1. We rely on the vertical expertise for selling, consulting, deploying and support
    2. Unified Communication and Telecom industry. In the SMB space, the plug and play equipment is installed at the customer site. We are thinking of Managed Subscription transition from the current transactional CapEx model
  • Jonathan Corrie

    Hi @Amit Raut

    Here are a few things I've see in the UC and comms space, some of your peers are aiming to move the transactional services fees to a recurring model and bundling in with subscription in their high-velocity / high volumes of throughput. The vendor provides onboarding services and well as on-going support which is contracted direct with the client but services via a partner network. That wrap around service labelled as "Expert-on-Demand" then becomes a differentiator for the vendor if the product line is more commoditised. Depending on the size of your organization, we have seen dedicated partner enablement units comprising services delivery, CS and support aligned to both the end user and the partner. This unit is carved out from any direct services delivery due to the level of disruption caused by escalations when ramping new partners or even with more experienced partners who have churn in staff on your product.