Which CRM has proven its worth with your CS Organization?

Markees Williams
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What is the most effective CRM that your (CS) organization uses? Some would say Gainsight! Others may prefer Totango or Whatfix! What do you say? What do your CSMs appreciate the most about it's functionality?


  • Carlos Alves
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    in the past I used Gainsight, then switched to SenseData (https://www.sensedata.com.br/en/index.html), because we needed a simpler features based on the maturity level my Latam CSM team had.

  • Markees Williams
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    @CarlosAlves thanks for the response! I'm always blown away by the need for "simplicity" in what seems to be such complicated times. I'll take a look at this one and I'm curious as to what others may be working with and what drove their decision.

  • Hi @MWilliams

    We use Salesforce for our CS team where we leverage the core platform capabilities for running a range of CS activities including health scores, success reviews, project delivery and CS task allocation (via Precursive PSA), support cases (via ServiceCloud) as well as seeing embedded product usage through a plug-in application called ISV app. This means that I can see all sales, services, CS and support data for a client.

    We reviewed a number of CS tools but always found that we could not get the integration capability that we wanted for Salesforce which is the single source of truth for us. Hope that helps.

  • Markees Williams
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    Hello @Jonathan Corrie I really appreciate your response and yes it helps. I'd imagine Salesforce is quite popular when it comes to what I like to refer to as "the infrastructure of CS". I'm not sure the size of your CS Organization but have you found the need to run another CRM on top of or in addition to Salesforce?

  • Denise Stokowski
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    I am from Gainsight and have been here a while in product management. Happy to talk - sent you a direct message.

    Here is one of our recent blogs about CS leaders who did choose Gainsight that might be a useful reference:


  • Markees Williams
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    Hi @DeniseStokowski your link and comments are greatly appreciated! Our organization is already a believer and user of Gainsight. Our CS organization is large enough that we run several CRMs. They each bring something different to the table. The blog you sent makes a lot of great points. A few I have listed below.

    Whether Big or Small, Data is Often the #1 Reason Companies Outgrew a Lightweight Tool 

     Just Because You Can Do Anything Doesn’t Mean You Have to Do Everything

     The Wrong Technology Can Stunt Your Team’s Growth

     You Can’t Effectively Evaluate a CS Platform Until You Understand the Outcomes You Want to Provide to Your Own Customers