What did you think about the Pathway Crafting Compelling Digital Experiences at TSA World: Interact?

LauraFay Member | Guru ✭✭✭✭✭

I hope you took away some actionable insights from the Pathway Crafting Compelling Digital Experiences at TSA World: Interact, May 16-18.

Create the right experience, from the first touch, through sale, onboarding, value realization, and expansion that achieves the desired outcomes of the customer, partner, and employee.

The Pathway was for you if you... 

  • wanted to understand what it takes to develop compelling digital experiences for your customers
  • wanted remove friction from your pre-sales motions
  • wanted to introduce and accelerate the product led growth motions at your company.
  • wanted to cross organizationally team up to deliver an optimized digital experience
  • needed industry data to make the business case for investment in the digital experience
  • were seeking industry examples of creatively blended product and back-office engagement

Some amazing inspiration from the member community was fueled by these great speakers -

I, and the pathway speakers, would  love to hear about your questions, observations and specific examples of how services have become integrated with products to deliver an immersive digital experience how YOUR teams came together to deliver it.

@Patrick Quinlan @Josh buckley


  • Patrick Quinlan

    I really enjoyed seeing all the various customer journey visualizations, but even more interesting, was how different teams are putting them into action.

  • Josh buckley

    This was a great track to see the common elements and new ideas on digital strategies for customer success. I took great ideas away from each session I saw/reviewed!