Any thoughts on the TSIA World Pathway: Creating Viable XaaS Offers (Orlando 2022) ?

LauraFay Member | Guru ✭✭✭✭✭

I hope you took away some actionable insights from the Pathway Creating Viable XaaS Offers at TSA World: Interact, May 16-18.

I, and the pathway speaker, would  love to know your questions, observations and examples of your XaaS Offers that are in definition or in-market, that demonstrate defined value contribution to the customers’ target business outcomes, your outcome aligned pricing examples, and how your teams came together to create it.

Creating Viable XaaS Offers conference pathway was all about learning strategies, tactics, attributes, and metrics for creating and monetizing viable XaaS offers. The pathway was relevant if you wanted to...

  • create highly differentiated XaaS offers
  • ensure your XaaS offers are intelligently designed for optimal adoption, renewability and expansion.
  • understand emerging pricing trends for compelling XaaS value propositions
  • hear how other companies have addressed the challenge of crafting viable XaaS offers

Session like, Designing Viable XaaS Offers, XaaS Pricing Models and Trends, Climbing the Value Ladder: Boosting your Service Monetization Power and member offer case studies from Google Cloud, CommScope, Aveva and Siemens Digital.

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