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Hello, I'm wondering if other organizations have QA teams who review your Support teams' interactions with clients. If you do have a team who reviews, scores, and provides feedback on support cases/tickets, do your QA folks do this manually, or do you have a QA tool to automate the process?

If you're using a tool, would you mind sharing which tool you're using, and what you have your QA team doing if the significant lift of doing reviews is automated (and taken off their plates)?

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  • I don't have access to the linked resources, but IMHO, automation of QA only covers half of the task - The second half is being able to provide feedback to the support engineer / agent, and coach / guide on how they can improve. This is the true value of having a dedicated QA / Coach. If the size of the team is small, the manager could take on this role as well, though care should be taken to focus on constructive criticism for best results.

    One area where QA automation can help is with covering 100% of the transactions, which a typical QA cannot - usually, it's a small sampling - Thus, with 100% QA, this opens the avenue for gleaning other insights into the customer conversation - eg: churn risk, escalation risk, Product related feedback, competitor insights etc.

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    Thank you, Carlos and Balajii.

    I agree that you need to provide feedback in addition to reviewing tickets. I have a small team (3-4 people) who are currently reviewing about 2% of our overall volume and providing feedback to the Support Consultants. I would love to be able to QA 100% (or significantly more than 2%) to glean those additional insights, still having the QA team meet regularly with Support to offer feedback and guidance.

    There are a lot of tools out there that offer QA, so I was hoping to get some insight into what others may have used and whether they had good experiences or not. In an ideal situation, I would have a QA tool automating the review of our tickets and have my QA team providing feedback based on results/analytics, while also expanding their scope to begin QA-ing other resources, like our online community or even information in our CRM. I'm doing some research to determine how we can get to that ideal state.