Need Input Trying to Understand the Customer Expectations When Buying and Renewing SaaS Products

Edly Villanueva
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Three questions to help understand the customer expectations when buying and renewing SaaS products.

  1. Through direct sales channels, do customers prefer to buy hosted or on-prem offerings?
  2. Do customers expect to renew SaaS purchases online?
  3. Do customers expect to manage SaaS purchases and entitlements online? The "online management", such as changing internal processes, financial controls, and online licensing view/purchase/decrease.

Your input is greatly appreciated.

Thank you in advance,


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  • Edly Villanueva
    Edly Villanueva Moderator | mod

    Hello @DougCaviness I appreciate your thoughtful responses based on your experience. @Giuseppe Cirigioni this was a topic that is of interest at your organization, re: email threads. See Doug's responses above. Your thoughts?

  • CrisJohnson
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    Thank you for these insights! My assumption is that self-service capabilities we see in the consumer world will span into the more traditional direct sales/support model and we need to adapt.

  • Doug Caviness
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    @CrisJohnson, I agree with your assumption that consumer self-service adoption is a very good indication of what we need to adopt in traditional direct sales/support models. Legacy B2B tech vendors seems roughly 5-7+ years behind in self-service adoption compared to what we see in B2C. Most points of resistance against self-service and digitalization that I've heard B2B organizations are quite similar to what I used to hear from orgs selling B2C. I personally spend a good bit of time following trends in PLG (Product Led Growth companies like Atlassian and Datadog), because they really seem to point to the future of B2B selling.