Partner Training Discounts & Incentives

What type of training discounts and incentives do you offer to partners who implement your software?

  • Do they just get a standard X% discount off all ILT training? For example, today we offer a 40% discount on ILT.
  • Do they get MDFs - marketing development funds? For example, today we offer MDFs for selling $X in software add-ons. If they don't use the MDFs for marketing in the first month, they are able to use the MDFs for training in the remaining 11 months.
  • Do they get a standard X% discount off subscription training? For example, I'm less inclined to offer a standard 40% discount on a training subscription with 'all you can consume' on demand content plus other value adds (e.g., instructor office hours, online community access, certification preparation webinars, podcasts). I am evaluating volume discounts for X# of unique partner individuals within the same company.
  • Do you offer different discounts for GSIs / GAs (global services integrators / global alliance partners), who have their own COEs (center of excellence) under your train-the-trainer (TTT) program? For example, today we provide the TTT ILT course materials plus a 40% discount off labs for a commitment of 100 unique partner individuals to get trained as part of a GSI's COE.

Thanks for your input!


  • Maria Manning Chapman
    Maria Manning Chapman Member | Guru ✭✭✭✭✭


    Education Services Pricing Survey data shows about a 25% discount for ILT training, on average, for partners. And yes, many are able to apply MDF funds to training. Regarding subscription - an "enterprise" subscription is where discounting is applied - meaning, the more individuals that have access to the subscription, the price per person goes down. If you want more detail send me an email and we can discuss.