Who owns the customer specific documentation at your company (configuration-related)


In our Saas-business, despite the fact to introducing more and more standard setups, we still have a lot customization's implemented to our customers. Currently, the documentation of these customization's and business logics on the background is quite manual and takes quite some effort. Documentation, or it's output, is valuable and it is used by Support, Operations, Success Managers and Continuous Services (as a base line for Change Request delivery etc).

As we are heading towards leaner processes, digitalization etc, I would like to ask from you, that how do you document these customizations and who owns them? Is that automated by the product itself/external documentation tool or is that done manually per customers, based on some defined guidelines? Who owns the responsibility of the customer level documentation? Product management, Professional Services or even specific Knowledge management -unit?


  • Carlos Alves
    Carlos Alves TSIA Administrator, Moderator, Founding Member | admin

    Hi @Sanna Asti , we're building a knowledge center to be as collaborative as possible. There are some tools that may help in that sense, but the vital part of making it successful is to include people and design the process.

    In that sense, I'd document the end-to-end process: a RACI matrix is a good start. Authoring workflow is critical to avoid bottlenecks and not to let unapproved documentation be available. Hope this helps...https://www.tsia.com/webinars/building-the-infrastructure-to-enable-a-knowledge-sharing-culture

  • Sanna Asti

    Thank you Carlos!

    I will have a look at the webinar right away, looks interesting! I may get back to this topic, as I am sure that despite the quite standard current practices, we have still opportunities to make it learner and more effective process.