What is the expected post COVID-19 business state for changes made to offers and pricing?

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Hi Everyone,

A crystal ball would be helpful to business planning, right? Without one we can combine all our data and insights to form a collective view of where thing are headed in tech, for example;

Will your temporary offers and pricing revert to pre-COVID state post pandemic or will they morph into completely new value propositions?

Weigh in and check out what collective industry view is emerging in this short poll.



  • David Perrault
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    It is likely to be dependent on how long the current unprecedented times carry on. Need to also take into account that what customers are asking from us, we are also asking from all our vendors or service providers. Hence, if it is a blip of a few weeks only then I would expect business will re-adjust quickly in some industries less impacted. For the most impacted industries, e.g. travel-related ones, we should expect further disruptions and a need to support them longer. If the situation carries on much longer then all bets are off.