What does your in-app survey program look like?


Hello all - I work with our product teams to develop in-app feedback programs for our SaaS offerings. While most of the best practices follow common sense guidelines and general surveying guidelines, I have been looking for any research done on this part of the user experience. If any of you are conducting in-app feedback programs for your SaaS products, would appreciate any sharing around the below questions:

Do you limit user feedback to just a feedback button and general question, or are they specific questions triggered by the completion of a specific action, or both options?

How frequently do you surface the questions if they are based on a specific user action?

Do you have a common KPI question across all your SaaS products, or do they vary from product to product?

What resp ratees are you seeing?

Thanks in advance for sharing! Appreciate your thoughts.


  • LauraFay
    LauraFay Member | Guru ✭✭✭✭✭

    Hi @OregonGS, with the product managment benchmark data reporting that in-app feedback is a majority practice, i am very interested to hear what the community has to share on their specific in-app survey practices.

  • Denise Stokowski
    Denise Stokowski Founding Member | Scholar ✭✭

    We use in-app for multiple survey and feedback options (we have the benefit of being able to use our own products in this).

    1. Our common KPI is around NPS for users. We do NPS for buyers/exec sponsors via email and we use in-app for NPS by product directed at end users or admin roles within the products. We get response rates of 13-15%.
    2. Specific product feedback surveys - we use this for betas and new features and would typically use a set of questions including CES type question. These are triggered by user performing a set of specific actions
    3. We have an always-on product feedback option in our resource menu (powered by our tool) that allows users to enter general enhancement/product feedback and that feeds into Slack and productboard.

  • Gordon Sorensen

    Denise - thanks for your response. My considerable delay is an indication I wasn't aware of your reply and overlooked the notification. Appreciate your willingness to share this insight. Couple of follow-on questions:

    1. How frequently do you ask the in-app NPS? Generally speaking, my understanding of NPS is that it be used on a quarterly, semi-annual or annual basis, but this is often thru broader relationship surveys conducted thru email. Is NPS the only in-app question you ask, using the always on product feedback for an additional comments users have? Or do you ask other product specific questions, or only around new features as mentioned in your #2?
    2. Do you use CSAT?

    Thanks again.