Services in the SaaS World – Care to Share your Experience?


As SaaS continues to proliferate, the focus on products shifts to solutions, which are delivered via cloud apps that companies “rent”, not own. As much as customers divest software ownership in the SaaS paradigm, they are not divesting the “complete service play” at the same rate. Customers are maintaining a large role in the deployment and integration of cloud apps into their ecosystems. They’re bringing their own teams to the table to configure software and develop integration points. More than ever, success is dependent on customer and vendor teams working together to drive business outcomes. Critical to that success, is early and strong alignment. I call it Harmonized Alignment and we're finding that it is required to deliver solution excellence. 

At PerkinElmer Informatics Services, we’re seeing an increasing need to lead in pre and immediate post-sale with an approach that elicits a Harmonized Alignment with our customers. We are finding that customers are extremely receptive to this approach.

Is anyone else experiencing the same? Care to share your experience?


  • Carlos Alves
    Carlos Alves TSIA Administrator, Moderator, Founding Member | admin

    I see the trend in approaching Product and Customer Success teams to enable a frictionless customer experience. Taking care of the customer from the created expectations on the Sales/Product side to operations (PMO, PS, onboarding) and adoption early stages.

    In my experience, we did lots of internal alignments on planning and checking onboarding value (we called this "Transfer" back in the day). Currently, you may take a constantly guided experience, since Transfer meant: "here, it is YOUR problem now, I'm off".

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