How do you combat the issue of agents not logging out?


What are your enterprise support centers doing to combat the issue when agents forget to log out at the end of their shift?

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  • Caryn Woodruff

    I would be really curious about how often teams see this issue, and the products they’re using. Considering some of the larger service management platforms out there, like ServiceNow, Microsoft Dynamics, Salesforce Service Cloud... no matter what you’re using, this is probably a concern for you. On one hand, you can track every “touch” in a case / ticket, even if it’s just a supervisor reviewing an employee’s work, which may overinflate the time spent on a ticket. At the other end of the spectrum, you could ask team members to intentionally go into work / start and stop the timer, which then gives you the issue stated above.

    I would love to hear what variations other members are using (manual vs. automated) and how it’s working for you?


  • SumitBhat
    SumitBhat Founding Member | Scholar ✭✭

    We use ServiceNow as our ticketing platform , we don't track the login/logout times , we instead track the time spent on each incident, whenever a incident is opened by a agent they have to manually start the timer which appears on the incident screen and they can pause and start it again depending on how much time they are spending on a incident. In our reporting, we look for any outliers in the data and review those incidents if required.