In regards to working out perf and evaluations


We have a very simplified format for performance and evaluation of staff, but right now we are having a problem in working out the correct percentages. Please take into consideration that we have more than one department this has to go through, so has to be as simple and clear as possible.


  • Carlos Alves
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    Hi @Debby Houghton . Are you using any tool in particular? I ask because I had problems in the past to adjust the process to the system we used.

    I preferred to work with Likert-scale-like scores, such as A+, A, B, C (or Far Exceeds, Exceeds, Meets, Below Expectations).

    @LexiProvost , have you seen any trends on this?

  • Edly Villanueva
    Edly Villanueva Moderator | mod

    Hello @Debby Houghton In response to your question, I have reached out to our VP Finance and HR at TSIA - Dina Rutledge. Below are her insights and feedback on this topic:

    Use a rating scale rather than a points/percentage scale. This is why TSIA has a Meets Expectation or Needs Improvement ratings only.  Anyone on Needs Improvement at review time is placed on a Performance Improvement Plan (PIP).

     We also as an SLT only review details on those that fall into the Needs Improvement category to determine if there is another tool, resource, professional development, etc. that we should/could be providing the employee to assist in their success. 

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