Service offerings via collaboration with CS and Support

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Has anyone collaborated with their Customer Support and Customer Success teams to provide a next-level experience for customers?

Currently, our Support team handles break/fix items and how-to questions, and our Customer Success team focuses more on strategy. The two work well together, but have you found ways to use that partnership to go above and beyond customer expectations?

If you are a premium customer, what would you expect (service-wise) that maybe a standard client would not receive?



  • Stela Koleva
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    Hi Etaylor,

    We don't have anything official yet but some of the areas we have looked at and have brought success have been more around the insights that customers can get from their support tickets (volume and types of questions) and the questions they or similar customers ask - do they need more training, consulting or different configuration or products.

    Larger customers usually love to see how their Support cases contribute to better set-up of their system on the long run.