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Hello all - How frequently do you conduct your assisted support case surveys? We have recently standardized from 3 different methodologies that were legacy practices from acquisitions. One system surveyed following every support case, another system surveyed the same customer no more frequently than every 2 weeks (if more than one case from the same customer closed within 2 weeks, they are only surveyed once), and the third system surveyed the same customer no more frequently than every 30 days.

We did some modeling that suggested the "sweet spot" was every 2 weeks. But we are getting some concern expressed from those aligned with the 'after every case' system. And the 'no more frequently than every 30 days' group has concern about after every case a customer closes.

Does anyone know of available research/best practices>? What does TSIA have to say?

Thanks in advance for your insights.


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    Hi @Gordon Sorensen,

    We send a CSAT survey after every case; even if one customer submits 2 cases, they may be working with 2 unique Support Consultants and we'd want feedback on both interactions. If customers feel burdened by this, they simply don't respond to the survey(s).

    If the customer fills out both surveys and we get different results (one is a high CSAT and one is very low), it helps us determine whether there's a training gap with one of the employees, if there are issues/bugs within our platform, or if there are ways to improve UX within our products.

    I don't know about research or best practices, but would be curious to hear the same.

  • Gordon Sorensen

    Thanks for your perspective. Re: not filling out the survey if they feel burdened - yes, they have that option. However, when customers complain about "too many surveys" our support mgrs can be sensitive to that criticism. Good point on successive issues being handled by different support engineers.

  • We send a survey after an agent assisted supportcase:

    • when user/contactperson did not opt out
    • when user/contactperson (not customer/accountlevel) did not receive a survey request last 30 days

    we distinguish different settings for different reasons/origins, eg. the same person will receive a survey after each training/webinar

  • @Gordon Sorensen curious how you calculated the 2-week sweet spot… what would be the typical frequency of the average user to contact support?

  • Gordon Sorensen

    Ritsjert - thanks for your input. Yes, as noted, one of our systems is based on not having been sent a survey within last 30 days, the other not having been sent within last 14 days.

    I figured someone would ask about the calculation. :) I will need to get a summary from the data analyst who did it. I don't recall the specifics. Typical frequency varies, of course. We have thousands of users across hundreds of products, from Windows-based desktop design tools, to enterprise-wide PLM solutions.

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    This webinar may be helpful. Also maybe @Dave Baca or @Sara Johnson have some insight.

  • Gordon Sorensen

    Thanks, Kevin. I have reached out to Sara. Will also reach out to Dave.