What are your key blocks in your learning content development strategy in 2024?

Jaime Farinos
Jaime Farinos Founding Member | Scholar ✭✭

Hello Everyone,

As the year is unfolding I'm curious to know what are other people's key strategy pillars for content development - whether it's AI, modularization or gamification and how are you thinking about them.




  • Carlos Alves
    Carlos Alves TSIA Administrator, Moderator, Founding Member | admin

    Hello , @Jaime Farinos; I'm working on AI content generation and modules to make them more organized and accessible through different journeys.

  • Alexander Ziegler
    Alexander Ziegler Founding Member | Expert ✭✭✭

    On our side AI plays of course a big role as well as modularization. Also looking into video snippets / video content vs full eLearning and improving the UX for Clients.

  • Beverly van de Velde
    Beverly van de Velde Member | Enthusiast ✭
    edited February 23

    We're planning 1) several use cases involving AI, 2) developing new offering types with a reduced effort to produce (e.g., smaller in scope or modified deliverable, including maintaining development focused on non-ILT/OD formats such as webinars, podcasts, videos, and micro courses), 3) completing our "Essentials" series that targets newer consultants, 4) establishing an ongoing content maintenance program, and 5) evolving the overall content strategy to broaden the audience reach (e.g., more experienced consultants, customer project roles, academic/university students).

    (NOTE: This shouldn't be confused with an overall education strategy where content is only one component.)