What does Post-Pandemic Service Delivery professionalism look like?

Kevin Bowers
Kevin Bowers Member | Guru ✭✭✭✭✭

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Since COVID, have standards changed for professionalism? What does professionalism, including dress code, look like for field tech companies in 2024?


  • Chip VonBurg
    Chip VonBurg Member | Enthusiast ✭

    We can't allow the work from home culture to change what our professionalism standards are. Although we have all become accustomed to hearing the dog barking in the background or the doorbell ring during calls, we should ask our teams to continue to hold the line of what good is.

    When customer facing, teams should be dressed professionally, use a virtual background if their background is not subtable, and do an equipment check ahead of time. We should ensure our teams are familiar with how to look, sound, and operate professionally even if we are meeting virtually. I am also a huge fan of using camera's for virtual meetings, this helps the customer know we are not just some voice from afar but real people and this all helps start the building of a solid relationship.