Does anyone leverage CX training vendors?

Ibrahim Aqqad
Ibrahim Aqqad Member | Enthusiast ✭

Do you have any suggestions for a vendor that offers bite-sized CX training courses for the support team, Similar to what does on security. I am looking for

  • Bite-sized pre built tainting video's.
  • Videos focused on CX skills such as Good communication, customer service, handling difficult situations …etc
  • Ability to report on the team course progress


  • Alexander Ziegler
    Alexander Ziegler Founding Member | Expert ✭✭✭

    Hi Ibrahim,

    I'm not sure if I fully understand what you're looking for: you're asking for somebody who offers in general a wide range of Bite-Sized videos around CX? From our view, we did look some years ago into a platform offering bite-sized topics / general learnings. There are primarily 2 approaches: the bigger and longer approach that Coursera and edX/2U are offering, which really brings people up to speed more in the area of "I want to learn something new and become the expert and move into a new role" - but you can also take the learnings step by step. The real Bity-Sized approach is offered by Pluralsight, Udemy and LinkedIn Learning and lots of others. LinkedIn Learning offers the shortest videos, Pluralsight probably the highest quality but deeper on Technology, and Udemy is somewhere in the middle with a tremendous portfolio covering all you need, longer than LinkedIn Learning and cheaper than Pluralsight. IBM decided in an RFP to go with Udemy exclusively. There are lots of Fortune 100 companies that are going with a 2-platform strategy: LinkedInLearning plus either Pluralsight or Udemy - this covers then really everything. I hope this helps. I suggest as 1st step to investigate the portfolios of those platforms, then you know how they cover what you need. There is to mention that there is Udacity. They were out of scope for us some years ago as quality was low at that time, but I understood they picked up and are a 4th alternative today.