Percentage of Support tickets turn into a question ticket for Engineering - SaaS vs On-prem products


Is there any industry benchmarking data which measures support efficiency or product maturity from the perspective of the number of support tickets that need to be referred to the product engineering team? In other words, we introduced a new process where support can open a question Jira if they need to engage engineering; either for a generic or specific question, further help with troubleshooting or a suspected bug.

We are looking for a ratio of support tickets that result in an engineering Jira ticket. We have a range of products from the Newer Cloud offerings to mature On-premises versions.
Usually, newer cloud products have a higher support ticket-to-engineering-ticket ratio than a mature on-premises version. We want to set ourselves a goal of reducing the ratio.

The ratio can be seen as how well the support teams are trained and the knowledge is transferred from engineering to the support teams. It can also be a metric for product quality, documentation and user-friendliness.