Manager On-Call renumeration?


I would be interested to get any feedback on what people are doing to recompense managers who have to be 'on-call' during public holidays.
While we have compensation for our engineers who volunteer to work those days, we also have a manager on standby for the engineers to escalate to if needed. As this does impact what that manager can do on those days we want to offer compensation but looking to see what is standard in the industry.

thank you


  • Claire Hernandez

    In my experience most managers have been exempt and don't "qualify" for additional compensation. Having said that, I've given comp days off or other forms of recognition for the additional work.
    If they aren't exempt I would follow the guidelines you've established for the other people who are working holidays.
    Are the managers asking for comp?

  • Sarah Sillars

    Hi Claire,

    Thank you for the response. Our management team is global so there is different feeling around compensation depending on region. It is also done on a voluntary basis so the challenge is no one volunteers as there is no benefit to it.