How are customer success concepts being applied in healthcare?

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Customer success has become a rich discipline with its own tools, best practices and competency models. It is most common in subscription businesses, and a number of companies in healthcare and medical technology are moving to subscription models. What are the best practices to applying customer success concepts and approaches in healthcare?

I have seen a number of organizations take the idea of a customer journey map and create a patient journey map.

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    At Varian, we witnessed the classic approach to implementing Customer Success, every section of the company knew they needed it and took off in different directions! Well here we are many months down the path and we are lining up our initiatives and capitalizing on the efforts that each branch has accomplished.

    As stated above, it was our SaaS group where CS was seen as most needed. As a company with a very large hardware (big iron) division, I saw a much broader customer need. The customer journey can be quite long for many of our customers (from sale to install to steady state use) can be years. Having a constant through that journey is very beneficial to the customer and the company.

    Many of the standard tools either have been or are being implemented (journey maps, health score cards, playbooks, etc.). The biggest challenges we have seen is the internal adoption of the role and the mindset change of the customer ( getting them to see the broad spectrum of what CS can help them with and not just calling when something is hot)