How are companies getting customers to renew subscriptions in the COVID environment?

Bill Hor
Bill Hor Founding Member | Scholar ✭✭

How are you getting customers to renew education subscriptions in the COVID-19 environment?


  • Lexi Provost
    Lexi Provost Moderator | mod

    Hello Bill! Thank you for your question. I think you may get a lot of value from Maria Manning-Chapman's, our VP of Education Research, TSW Live! keynote, titled Customer Training in the Time of Coronavirus.

    @Christy Vega and @Elise Lostutter, what have you guys been seeing in relation to renewing education subscriptions in the current environment?

  • Christy Vega
    Christy Vega Founding Member | Scholar ✭✭

    @Bill Hor @Lexi Provost Citrix recently launched our new All-access subscription in November 2019 so we haven't really had an opportunity to renew a large volume of these customers yet. Currently onboarding and nurturing are a focus.

  • Elise Lostutter
    Elise Lostutter Founding Member | Scholar ✭✭

    @Bill Hor @Lexi Provost I don't believe that we've had renewals come up in the last three months, so we're not tracking any losses yet. In Q2 we offered free on-demand access to our University for all customers, and as that closes at the end of June we will focus on transitioning from free to fee with new subscription options. A lot of moving parts and working through the details every day as we go along!

  • Bill Hor
    Bill Hor Founding Member | Scholar ✭✭

    Hi Elise - It will be great to exchange notes on getting customers to transition from the free offering to fee. That is one of our major focuses for the next few months. Thanks, Bill

  • StevenForth
    StevenForth Founding Partner | Expert ✭✭✭

    It seems to me that if the education solutions are online and well implemented they should be in high demand. As relevant, consider weaving in additional solutions around online collaboration and remote working and making these part of the package. I assume from your question, you are pricing these separately, as add ons to other products and subscriptions. I am working on a decision tree that will help people understand why and when to price learning separately (hope to have it done by early next week). I don't think the changes driven by Covid impact the basic decisions (although I am still working through the different scenarios) but the general advice on renewing subscriptions does apply. Consider extending a subscription by three-to-six months, consider packaging in offers with special relevance to the current time, make sure you are building and uspporting your community.