Current growth patterns with eLearning subscription enrollments and consumption?

Christy Vega
Christy Vega Founding Member | Scholar ✭✭

Wondering what everyone is seeing in terms of growth for eLearning subscription users. Are you seeing the same type of increases in eLearning subscription enrollments as you are with virtual ILT? Additionally, are your consumption rates in your on-demand/eLearning subscriptions the same/more/or less than they were earlier this year (pre-COVID)? We are seeing an increase in consumption and eLearning subscription interest and I am interested to understand if others in the industry are also seeing an increase in the amount of time users are investing in training and professional development. Thanks!


  • Spencer Hancock
    Spencer Hancock Member | Scholar ✭✭

    Hi Christy, this is an excellent question. @Alyssa Ortiz from your vantage point as an education services leader are you seeing similar trends as Christy?

    TSIA has been using a series of Rapid Research Polls to identify and track the impacts of COVID19. There are several polls that you may find relevant. In particular we've collected data on the increase in VILT and you can see the results of those polls here -

  • AlyssaOrtiz
    AlyssaOrtiz Founding Member | Scholar ✭✭

    Greetings @Christy Vega and @Spencer Hancock. I apologize for the delay in response, I was out of the office last week. For Emerson, we are seeing a slight uptick in eCourse and VILT courses that are available. Certainly, we'd like to see a greater increase in enrollments and exploring ways on how we can showcase the value behind taking those now instead of waiting for F2F training.