Are you seeing a significant shift from field delivered services to carry-in/depot services?

TraeShattuck Founding Member | Scholar ✭✭
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For business customers, hardware repairs have been historically delivered at their place of business. Given the current pandemic, are your customers shifting to other methods of delivering break/fix services.

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  • Lexi Provost
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    Hi Trae! Thank you for your question. Definitely something that Field Services professionals are struggling with right now. @Vele Galovski, what are you hearing about members regarding shifting to other methods of delivering break/fix services?

  • John Ragsdale
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    I recently did a webinar with Jim Roe, IT Director, Field Services, FieldCore, who talked about their shift toward virtual reality to assist customers in diagnosing problems and replacing parts since they can't dispatch a field tech due to the pandemic. He had some interesting examples of virtual field service. Here's a link to the recording: