Self-Service Surveys - What questions does your organization ask?


My organization has taken on a huge initiative to launch self-service to our client base and one of the KPIs that we're wanting to use to measure success are survey results. I have seen a lot of material around using surveys and the benefits they offer, but I have not see much material around what questions are being used.

What survey questions does your organization ask in regards to self-service?


  • Spencer Hancock
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    Hi Tim, this is an excellent question for the community, thank you for raising it. @Daniel Coullet in your role as support leader are you using surveys with customer that have 'self-served'? If so, what types of questions? I'd love to get your perspective on this question.

    Tim I highly recommend you watch this webinar - Unraveling the Layers of Customer Loyalty ( This 30 minute on-demand webinar is an excellent examination of using surveys to diagnose customer sentiments.

  • Tim Schauer

    Thank you Tom, you have given me several thing to think about.

  • Daniel Coullet
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    @Tim Schauer this is a very good question. Surveys may have different purpose, measure the customer satisfaction, customer loyalty or customer effort are the main KPIs that Support org usually uses. So the first question to ask yourself is what do you want to measure? When you know let me know I can then give you the questions we are asking.

    Now Self Service is pretty large, you may have Thumbs up/down, surveys, likes,... so integrating these results together might be a challenge too.

    Let me know if you have any questions.

  • GailPropson
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    @Tim Schauer Good question Tim! I took a look at your website and value statement for your division and from what I read, I would ask something similar to questions below:

    "on a scale of 1 to 5 with 5 being I quickly found what is was looking for to 1 being I was unable to find what I was looking for , How would you rate your experience?"

    You gave us a (rating from first question) May I ask why? commments__________________

    The first question will give you quantitative measurement to trend over time. The second will give you insight into their experience and is where the rich data lies; Insights on possible improvements, Success stories etc...