Client Satisfaction Survey - A purpose built tool?

Hi All!

Long time lurker, first-time poster - thanks in advance for your advice. I'm curious to what tool/application you are using to collect client feedback after a Support or Professional Services interaction. Currently, we are using Gainsight via integration with Salesforce, but are running into some complications when trying to personalize the survey. This has us considering looking at a purpose-built CSAT tool. Any tool you love using or know that a friend loves to use?



  • Jerome Peck
    Jerome Peck TSIA Administrator | admin

    @John Ragsdale @MelanieCarlson @StevenForth Any insights here for Matt?

  • John Ragsdale
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    Some CX-specific survey tools include Qualtrics, Nice Satmetrix, and CustomerGauge. A lot of companies use more general purpose survey platforms in support, like SurveyMonkey, Alchemer, and SurveyGizmo. I think all of these should offer a good Salesforce integration. There are also dozens of survey tools listed on AppExchange, so worth taking a look at those as well. Good luck!

  • Samir Bhargava
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    Hi Matt — we are using Qualtrics platform for conducting surveys. We have it integrated with SalesForce. Once a case is closed SF send the signal to Qualtrics to send out a link to survey hosted by Qualtrics. Once a respond is received it gets captured in a Survey Object in SF related to the case. We have a more detailed workflow to send out reminders and capture any negative feedback as a case in SF and assign it to a manager. We can discuss it further. Btw Gainsight can do the survey, but these more made to purpose tools have a lot more flexibility for designing and conducting surveys and analyzing the results.

  • Thanks Samir! I appreciate you sharing your specific experience, thats super helpful!